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Schulthess TopLine Pro TW9360

With running costs more important than ever, the Schulthess TopLine Pro TW9360 has to be a major consideration for your business, using just 1.7kW of electricity to dry  an 8kg cotton load, compared to the equivalent vented dryer at 3.9kW the savings at typical August 2022 rates of 29.5p per kWh are 65p per load, in a busy care home this can exceed £2,000 saved each year. Can be stacked on The Schulthess topline pro 9240 washing machine for a space efficient 8kg pair.

  • Load capacity: 8 kg
  • Heat Pump drying system
  • 21 programmes including Wet Clean
  • Electronically and time-controlled drying programmes
  • Large 4.3" colour display
  • Residual moisture measurement
  • Door hinge right or left
  • LED drum lighting
  • Easy Language selection button
  • Dimensions 630x800x900mm WDH
  • 400v 2N 3.4kW, 230v 3.4kW and 230v 2.3kW

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