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Hair & Beauty

With over 14 years experience in providing and maintaining commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment in many different market environments.

With towels and robes being the typical items being laundered in hair and beauty salons, a robust and reliable washer and dryer are a must; due to the amount of water towelling retains the stresses on the machines are at their most extreme most of the time, causing faster wear and tear especially to the drum and bearings.

Commercial machines are designed and manufactured to be much more hardwearing than a domestic machine, to put this into perspective, the design life of a Schulthess commercial washing machine is 30,000 hours compared to 5,000 for a typical domestic machine.

With a design life 6 time greater than a domestic it’s not difficult to see why a commercial machine is the best choice, as well as greater durability a commercial machine is also faster so can wash more loads per day than its domestic equivalent; this also gives you the luxury of longer and hotter washes to remove oils and lotions when necessary.

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