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Local Authorities

With over 14 years experience in providing and maintaining commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment in many different market environments.

We have experience of providing laundry and dishwashing equipment into a number of different facilities provided by local authorities, most common are machines into communal use laundries in sheltered housing/assisted living developments, in this instance, reliability, performance and ease of use are the main factors to consider and the ideal machines are the Schulthess Spirit 7720 washing machine and matching TC 7730 dryer, not only are they great value for money but are built to a very high standard and tested to 30,000 cycles meaning years of reliable use.

Other applications are assisted living laundries where there is an element of care being provided, in these cases the washing machines must comply with local water authority legislation and therefore be WRAS fluid category 5 approved, any machines that we supply will meet this requirement, also prove the ability to sluice wash soiled laundry items.

Staff kitchens, tea/coffee stations are another area where we can advise and provide machines that are best suited to the job in hand, Smeg LP364XS freestanding stainless steel and STP364S fully integrated versions, provide robust, easy to use and commercial use warranted solutions.

For advice on how we can help and provide a value solution to any of the above, please call or fill in the online contact form.