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Churches and Village Halls

With over 14 years experience in providing and maintaining commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment in many different market environments.

Due to the way that Church and Village halls are used, their dishwasher requirements can vary, although typically they have two things in common, the first being multiple users which therefore necessitates an easy to use machine and secondly the need to tidy up and leave promptly so a dishwasher with a faster cycle.

There are two types of dishwasher that are the go to choice for these types of kitchen or servery, the first being a ‘freshwater’ domestic style machine, these are familiar to most users and being commercial can be connected up to a 32amp power supply if available and also hot water, again if available, this ideal scenario means a shortest wash time of 16 minutes from the Smeg LP364XS, a semi-commercial dishwasher with a full commercial use warranty.

The second type of machine is the undercounter ‘tank’ which is suited to busier or larger halls that cater for weddings and other similarly large gatherings, a tank dishwasher is not so familiar to users of domestic machines, it needs to be switched on and heated prior to use and the baskets are loaded up before being placed in the machine one at a time, the big advantage here is speed, the shortest wash times can be just 60 seconds with more intense washes just 3 minutes, these are not difficult to use but just a bit unfamiliar, simple printed instructions do solve this and any professional caterers will be right at home with this type of machine.

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