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Hotels and Guest Houses

With over 14 years experience in providing and maintaining commercial laundry and dishwashing equipment in many different market environments.

Laundry and Dishwashing

Whether you have a full 100% in-house laundry, processing bedding, towels and robes, staff uniforms or even guest laundry or just a simple to operate towel laundry, we have the solutions that will suit.

From small form 8kg machines all the way up to 33kg washers and 60kg dryers, our selection of machines from Schulthess and Electrolux Professional are more than up to the job.

Proven reliability and durability mean one less interruption in the day to day running of your business.

Electric, gas and even steam heated options are available and for those all too common and tricky to vent out basement laundries we have state of the art ‘heat pump’ dryers from Electrolux which not only solve the venting out issue but save a small fortune in running costs due to their extremely low electricity consumption, savings of close to 70% (63p per load 14kg example) when compared with a conventionally heated electric dryer.

From a wide range of excellent value and high quality Smeg food service machines, we can specify the correct machine or even machines for your hotel kitchen or bar, made to measure tabling ensures best use of space and efficient throughput.

Often, space and access play a big part in what machines can be installed, therefore we are more than happy to offer a no-obligation site survey, planning service, detailed proposal and quotation.

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